An Update from Sloan Kettering in NYC July 20, 2017

from Gabe via Instagram, at

Hi from NYC! It's been a busy and productive first 1.5 days here @sloankettering. I just finished a head/neck CT and next up I will be undergoing another liver biopsy, this time to help track changes to my tumors through the #immunotherapy I will be starting on Monday. It's kind of exciting and interesting to note that this isn't a "regular" liver biopsy today. @sloankettering, as a leading cancer center, is always innovating and looking for new ways to treat and understand their patients' unique disease. So today, since I have low-body fat and easy access to the liver, as well as the location of my tumors, they'll be pulling way more tissue samples than usual -- because they can! And ultimately because they can use that extra tissue to learn more about my disease and hopefully lead to an effective, maybe even personalized, treatment. Can't begin to express how emotionally overwhelmed I feel, mainly grateful, that places like @sloankettering exist and doctors like mine do their work. I have a rare cancer and standard procedure just won't cut it for me, unfortunately. I wouldn't be able to seek new treatments and work with an expert if I didn't have the support from my husband, family, and friends -- not to mention the incredible running community supporting the #BraveLikeGabe fund! Humbled beyond belief. I sincerely hope to use just a fraction of the money raised so far, the rest will be put toward paying it forward -- spreading my message of life and hope and positivity, while funding cancer research through running events and partnering with such events. I just need to get settled back into summer a bit, and my new nonprofit mission will fully come to life. Thank you all.