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by Danny Docherty for Mile in My Shoes

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Campaign has ended.


The AthletesFor campaigns have closed. We hope you will join us in supporting our favorite charities and causes next year, but in the meantime, should you wish to support Mile in My Shoes, please click here.

I support this organization because they help people build community through running, along with self-efficacy and leadership skills. The centers are based in homeless shelters and re-entry centers for people exiting incarceration. The organization uses running together as a way to learn from each other, connect with each other for support, and in the process, transform each other.

I would like to raise $1000 for the organization to help fund gear for athletes or entry fees for a first-time 5k.

About Mile in My Shoes

Our mission: Running together to change perceptions and change lives. Mile in My Shoes (MiMS) brings people from diverse backgrounds together through the power of running. Our teams of Resident Members and volunteer Run Mentors have run thousands of miles side by side, completing races from one mile to a marathon(!) in pursuit of our vision: to build bonds, boost wellness, and spark social action by bringing the power of running to people experiencing homelessness and other barriers. Learn more at

About Danny Docherty

Danny Docherty is an elite runner training with Team USA Minnesota. He specializes in distance events and has qualified for the 2020 Olympic Trials Marathon.

Athletes For is an annual giving campaign hosted by top runners, jumpers, and throwers training in the USA.


Athletes select their favorite charity and host a two week fundraising campaign. All campaigns will run through Giving Tuesday.


Athletes For has a dual purpose of supporting favorite causes and favorite athletes. All funds raised will support a worthy cause (as per the athlete's selection) with a small portion going toward funding athlete grants supporting their Olympic journey.


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