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Campaign has ended.


The AthletesFor campaigns have closed. We hope you will join us in supporting our favorite charities and causes next year, but in the meantime, should you wish to support the Imagining More Foundation, please click here.

My idea of Imagining More came from my experiences training in Mexico. I grew up in the city of San Francisco and in a home environment where I thought anything was possible. I encountered strong women in my daily life (my mother worked and my elementary school had a woman principal and vice principal). It was not until I got older that I started to see signs of resistance towards women striving for more.

About Imagining More

Imagining More was established to promote education, arts and athletics. It was born from the limitations that young people face when pursuing extracurricular activities during their academic years.  Our goal is to support multi-cultural individuals who wish to pursue education, art projects and/or sport programs, as well as to create awareness about the importance of developing into a multi-dimensional individual.

What Imagining More Has Accomplished

Borderless Sport & Art Scholarships:

  - Provided scholarships and resources to several low income / underserved individuals in support of:

    - Their college education

    - The creation of an art project  (materials, supplies, etc.)

    - Their participation in sports programs (athletic gear, program fees, etc.)

Participated in numerous speaking engagements at schools & businesses

  - Encouraged and created awareness about the importance of developing into a multi-dimensional individual through sport and/or art


Donated athletic apparel, shoes and equipment to low income / underserved schools and youth running clubs in the USA and Mexico


Provided money & resources to high schools in support of low income / underserved students who do not have the means to participate in extracurricular art projects and/or sports programs

What Imagining More Will Do with Funds Raised through Athletes For

Post Collegiate Scholarships

  - $1500 to cover 1 scholarship to be applied towards:

    - Offset student loans

    - Create an art project  (materials, supplies, etc.)

    - Participate in a sport program (athletic gear, program fees, etc.)

High School and Youth Coaching Clinic

  - $1500 to cover 5 complimentary admissions for coaches at underserved schools

About Shannon Rowbury

Shannon Rowbury is one of the most decorated USA athletes of all time. She is a three-time Olympian, two-time World Championships Bronze medalist, six-time United States champion, and the American Record Holder at 1500m, 2 miles, and 5000m.

Athletes For is an annual giving campaign hosted by top runners, jumpers, and throwers training in the USA.


Athletes select their favorite charity and host a two week fundraising campaign. All campaigns will run through Giving Tuesday.


Athletes For has a dual purpose of supporting favorite causes and favorite athletes. All funds raised will support a worthy cause (as per the athlete's selection) with a small portion going toward funding athlete grants supporting their Olympic journey.


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