Athletes For Candlelighters of Southern Colorado

by Joseph Gray for Candlelighters of Southern Colorado

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Campaign has ended.


The AthletesFor campaigns have closed. We hope you will join us in supporting our favorite charities and causes next year, but in the meantime, should you wish to support the Candlelighters of Southern Colorado, please click here.

For me, connecting to your local community is very important and also more valuable per dollar donated to charities. Local charities like the Candlelighters of Southern Colorado are helping children suffering from childhood cancer or blood disorders in your community whom you may see face to face on occasion or of whom may even go to the same school as your children, nieces or nephews.

About Candlelighters of Southern Colorado

Candlelighters of Southern Colorado educates serves and advocates for families and individuals touched by childhood cancer and blood disorders, empowering them to meet the challenges they face.

Candlelighters of Southern Colorado is a non-profit, self-help group composed of families of children with childhood cancer and blood disorders, community volunteers, and healthcare professionals.

All children with cancer and blood disorders and their families are eligible for benefits, including adult survivors of childhood cancer.

About Joseph Gray

Joseph Gray is a versatile world leading distance runner competing in Mountain, Trail, Ultra, Cross Country and Road Racing. He is a 29-time Team USA National Team Member, 17-time USA National Champion, and 6-time World Champion across his many disciplines.

Photo credit: Redbull Dolomitenmann (left) I Michael Scott (right)

Athletes For is an annual giving campaign hosted by top runners, jumpers, and throwers training in the USA.


Athletes select their favorite charity and host a two week fundraising campaign. All campaigns will run through Giving Tuesday.


Athletes For has a dual purpose of supporting favorite causes and favorite athletes. All funds raised will support a worthy cause (as per the athlete's selection) with a small portion going toward funding athlete grants supporting their Olympic journey.


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