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Campaign has ended.


The AthletesFor campaigns have closed. We hope you will join us in supporting our favorite charities and causes next year, but in the meantime, should you wish to support the Prevent Cancer Foundation, please click here.

My mom passed away in 2010 at the age of 49 from breast cancer, and for the next few years I lived with the shadow of fearing I, too, would inevitably suffer the same fate; cancer was coming for all of us. I later shifted that mindset to a marginally more positive, "if I can make it to 49 I know it's possible to have a happy and fulfilled life." Some years later, I finally realized there's no need to limit my longevity, or canon that says I'll also develop cancer! Since that revelation, I've dedicated myself to living the healthiest lifestyle I can (which definitely benefits the habits of a professional runner!). I was drawn to the Prevent Cancer Foundation's emphasis on educational campaigns which advocate a healthy diet and regular exercise as cancer deterrents, as well as their research for early detection.

About The Prevent Cancer Foundation®

The Prevent Cancer Foundation® is one of the nation’s leading voluntary health organizations and the only U.S. nonprofit organization focused solely on cancer prevention and early detection.  Founded in 1985, it has catapulted cancer prevention to prominence and fulfills its mission through research, education, outreach and advocacy across the country. For more information, please visit

About Cecilia Barowski

Cecilia Barowski is an elite middle-distance runner, specializing in the 800 meters. She was an Ivy League champion and All-American while running with Princeton, now training with New Jersey New York Track Club, Cecilia boasts a 2:00.90 personal best for 800m.

Athletes For is an annual giving campaign hosted by top runners, jumpers, and throwers training in the USA.


Athletes select their favorite charity and host a two week fundraising campaign. All campaigns will run through Giving Tuesday.


Athletes For has a dual purpose of supporting favorite causes and favorite athletes. All funds raised will support a worthy cause (as per the athlete's selection) with a small portion going toward funding athlete grants supporting their Olympic journey.


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